Grey-Washed Night Stands

The past few weeks have been relatively quiet at Live Better but that doesn't mean we have been unoccupied. This winter has been filled with preparation for the local pop-up markets we'll be attending throughout northeast Ohio this coming spring and summer. Our time is usually spent shifting focus between two or three kitchen or living room projects concurrently so it has been nice to spend the past couple months working on a bunch of little projects.

With that said we have a custom project we're nearly finished with that we're extremely excited about, something we haven't built before. Well thats not entirely true... We based this design off of another custom project we made last summer, a walnut live edge side/serving table.

Our client came to us looking for night stands and was open to any design. They said they loved the look of live edge wood but didn't want anything too irregular or rustic. They were interested in something with a clean look that was mostly symmetrical but they wanted some of the grain and character that comes with the high quality slabs we use.

We worked with them to narrow down the options and they decided on a set of grey-washed maple slabs for the tops and the c-shaped base we designed for our previous client's side/serving table for the bases. Why this design? They wanted a clean look and this style features three square-cut, equalized edges with a fairly straight live edge on the front side. We scaled the base to a height that would easily slide over the side of their bed, similar to how the side table can slide over the edge of the couch.

We used a combination of Weatherwood Stain's products to achieve the grey-washed look on the maple slabs. We applied several coats of their product called Reclamation, which slightly darkens the wood with each application, until the color was extremely close to what our client requested. Now we only have one step left and thats applying a sufficient number of coats of clear polyurethane to protect the slabs. But before we do that we are meeting with our client so they can view their (now grey) maple slabs to confirm they like the color in person.

Once they approve of the final look of their new furniture set, we'll apply the top coat and get those assembled and personally delivered to them.

There are a lot of options and moving parts when it comes to ordering custom made pieces but as long as you trust us we'll work with you to design and create a unique piece of furniture thats your style and is sure to make a statement in your home.

- Nick Malarik

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